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Unforgettable Culinary Experience: Vegan Persian Food at Javan Restaurant

Do you desire a cool spot to enjoy the best vegan Persian food? At Javan Restaurant, we are committed to providing an exciting and memorable culinary experience. You can rely on us for different local and international dishes. We also provide excellent catering services for your events.

Top-5 of Our Most Loved Vegan Persian Food Options

You can get the following vegan Persian dishes from our restaurant for your events and parties.

  • Torshi: Also known as Tursu, Torshi is a pickled vegetable delicacy enjoyed in Persian culture. Depending on the region, you can experince several varieties of this vegan Persian meal. Enjoy the different types of Torshi with variations in flavors and the seasonings used at our restaurant.

  • Kashk-O-bademjan: This is a traditional Persian vegetarian dish made by mixing sauteed eggplant, garlic, onions, sauteed mint topping, and Kashk (a Persian yogurt derivative). However, we don’t add the actual Kashk to our Kashk-O-bademjan.

  • Vegan Gheymeh: While Khoresh is a general term for different types of Persian stews, the Vegan Persian Khoresh Gheymeh (Vegan Gheymeh) is a very special meal you can enjoy in our restaurant. We serve the stew with plain saffron rice.

  • Hummus: Hummus or hommus is a well-known and loved by everyone vegan dish we recommend when you wish to taste Middle Eastern cuisine. It is made of mashed chickpeas blended with tahini, garlic, and lemon juice, giving it a savory taste. We also add other ingredients and/or herbs to meet your taste preferences.

  • Falafel: You're missing out if you love Persian meals and have yet to try falafel. It's made from ground chickpeas, fresh herbs, garlic, and spices. We deep fry our falafel to make it super crispy on the outside and yet remain soft and tender on the inside.

Enjoy an Exquisite Culinary Experience at Javan Restaurant

Looking for a suitable place to enjoy local vegan food to your satisfaction can sometimes be challenging. With Javan Restaurant, you have found the perfect Mediterranean spot with an excellent ambiance to eat special delicacies. We take pride in our dedicated chefs, who are always committed to providing expertly crafted dishes. Our attention to detail, excellent customer service, and experience distinguish us from other restaurants. We also offer catering services for your events, parties, and anniversaries. You can create a memorable experience with your loved ones or old friends while eating delicious meals at our restaurant. Order your vegan Persian food and enjoy quick home delivery.